Control and secure mobile connectivity for IoT, in real-time.

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stacuity FLEX Global Edge

+ simple integration with upstream mobile operators = customers empowered with fine-grained control of IoT connectivity.

stacuity FLEX features:

Discover stacuity FLEX



Granular, real-time control of data routing, traffic screening and security policies, in real-time and at the individual IMSI or application level, supports tight control of IoT solution security.



Connectivity from multiple upstream operators is combined into a unified, consistent service.  Customers can then self-serve private slices of this unified service, down to the individual IMSI level, in real-time.



Straightforward integration with upstream mobile operators, then customers control stacuity FLEX capabilities, via portal and API.



Billing feeds generated by stacuity FLEX, where they are not provided by upstream mobile operators.  Customers gain real-time control of traffic / thresholds / quotas.

Democratising Mobile

stacuity FUSION programmable network

We are empowering customers with more control of mobile connectivity, so that they can build a  better future with IoT technology.

Why we exist

Real-time visibility and control of IoT connectivity - per customer, per SIM or per data session.

Discover stacuity FLEX