The Programmable Mobile Network

New breed of mobile network, empowering developers with unprecedented control and flexibility.
Revolutionary cloud-centric core architecture with direct signalling integration with the global mobile network.
Developer first - interact with any network function via API, enabling powerful innovation, to suit any use case.

The Problem

Mobile connectivity has become the fabric of modern society and industry, yet it struggles to meet the real practical needs of innovators, developers and emerging applications.

IoT in particular demands enhanced security, agility, customisation, programmability and globalisation which current networks are ill-equipped to meet due to technical, operational and commercial constraints.

The powerful real time control, security and monitoring which developers have become generally accustomed to does not extend to the mobile network which is still rigidly defined, costly and cumbersome to change.

Existing mobile connectivity offerings often offer little more than a ‘dumb pipe’ with rudimentary control to turn services off and on, and to meter usage for charging purposes.

So, there is a gap...

The Solution

Stacuity is building a new breed of mobile network which combines our own pioneering core technology with access to the global mobile coverage ecosystem, via strategic wholesale access agreements with mobile operators.

This programmable mobile network virtualises connectivity and affords developers the powerful on-demand configuration, real time control and flexibility which they currently lack.

Developers are empowered to configure and scale the mobile network to meet their precise needs. 

Enterprises can secure and control connected devices, as they would any other IT asset.

Mobile operator partners gain incremental, innovation-driven usage revenues.