A revolutionary, cloud-based service which empowers customers, regardless of their size, to directly harness the full potential of mobile connectivity for IoT.

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For Developers

Ditch the dumb-pipe! 

Connect IoT and other data devices with a programmable SIM to run services according to your requirements, globally, with no need for prior telecoms experience and with unparalleled flexibility.

  • Full-featured API
  • Start with a single SIM
  • Global coverage
  • Simple pricing

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Take control of connectivity.

Our programmable mobile core network as-a-service will empower you to take control of your connectivity proposition, innovate more easily, defend your margins and accelerate your growth.

  • Real-time control, per SIM
  • Simple portal integration via API
  • Global network with local breakout
  • Bring your own connectivity (option)

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For Mobile Operators

Generate new profits.

Alongside your existing core network, our programmable core will enhance your agility and your ability to create differentiated connectivity services for IoT and enterprise customers.

  • Fully standards compliant
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple IMSIs
  • Better serve customer needs
  • Bring your own connectivity

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Why stacuity?



We empower customers with fine-grained and real-time control of data routing, traffic screening and security policies, per SIM or per application - security-as-a-service in the mobile network.



We have reinvented the conventional mobile core network technology stack to deliver the flexibility that customers and developers have become accustomed to with public cloud services.



We have made it easy for customers and individual developers to access and control the power of a programmable mobile network, with no need for specialist telecoms skills.



We believe in building shared success partnerships with customers, regardless of size. Our usage-based commercial model removes any barriers to getting started.

Our products:

Bringing the agility, simplicity and scalability of public cloud to the provision of mobile connectivity for IoT. 

Programmable SIM

Our programmable SIM is your passport to your own slice of the global mobile network - you're in control.
  • Simple pay-as-you-go pricing
  • £8 per SIM (including £5 airtime credit)
  • Global coverage, on 500+ networks
  • Powerful API

Programmable Network

Our revolutionary technology architecture turns the mobile core network into a powerful platform for innovation.
  • Choice of simple deployment options
  • Fully redundant, resilient architecture
  • SaaS commercial model
  • Fully white-labelled
Intruder Alarm Solution Provider Iot Case Study

Use Cases for Programmable IoT Connectivity:

Read about real-life use cases where replacing a traditional mobile connectivity solution with a cloud-centric, programmable network adds value.

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Democratising Mobile Connectivity.

stacuity FUSION programmable network
Our mission is  empowering IoT customers with control of mobile connectivity, so that they can build a  better future with IoT technology.

Why we exist


1. stac  - 2. uity
1. Stacks / Terminology used within the telecom sector for the modular components of technology which are used by mobile operators worldwide to power their services.
2. Acuity / Precision or sharpness of thought.