We have built a programmable mobile core network, to democratise the control of mobile connectivity, so that developers can build better solutions and connectivity providers can create differentiated service offerings.

We are empowering customers with more control over mobile connectivity...


Why stacuity?


1. stac  - 2. uity
1. Stacks / Terminology used within the telecom sector for the modular components of technology which are used by mobile operators worldwide to power their services.
2. Acuity / Precision or sharpness of thought.

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Mike Bromwich

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Experienced technologist and proven entrepreneur.

Mike has a 30 year track record as a successful entrepreneur, innovator, technology strategist, engineer, software developer, CEO and NED.

Over this time he has founded, acquired and successfully exited a number of innovative businesses. In 2008 he founded Partitionware - a telecoms-focused software solutions and platforms provider – which continues to serve millions of subscribers worldwide. Partitionware was acquired in 2016 and Mike exited the business in 2019.

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Tim Dowling

Co-Founder & CCO

Experienced product, proposition and business developer.

Tim has more than 20 years of commercial leadership experience in the telecoms industry, working with globally recognised brands.  The most recent 10 years have been spent in start-up environments.

He launched Virgin Media UK into the Pay Monthly market and built a subscriber base of over two million customers.

As a start-up Chief Marketing Officer, he raised VC funding and launched new MVNO businesses in the CEE and Africa regions.

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Roberta Castle CSO

Roberta Castle


Roberta is a Sales professional with 15 years' experience in the Telecoms and IT sectors.

After a 10-year career as an IFA with Prudential and Marsh, in 2006 Roberta moved into the tech sector as Senior Account Director for Manx Telecom, leading their Top 20 Corporate Accounts for over 7 years.

She then joined Continent 8 Technologies - the primary provider of hosting, connectivity and security services to the online gaming sector.

During a very successful stint at Continent 8, she built and led a global Sales team. She also developed and spear-headed go-to-market strategy for new regions, expanding the group's footprint from 25 to 80+ locations across the globe.

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Simon Taylor

Business Development

IoT business development specialist.

Simon has more than 30 years of sales leadership experience in telecoms, having held senior roles in global organisations such as Tellabs and Fujitsu, as well as in several start-ups, including two as Co-Founder.

As a start-up Chief Sales Officer, he successfully launched two mobile network software businesses in Latin America and Ireland.

He met Mike and Tim at mobile operator Manx Telecom, where he led IoT connectivity business development and innovation initiatives.

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Chris Pic 240521

Chris Hall

Co-Founder & Chairman

Experienced CEO, NED and investor.

Chris has over 35 years of experience working in senior leadership roles in the telecom sector in the UK, Europe and the Isle of Man.

He is an experienced Non-Executive Director and an active angel investor with a portfolio of investments in technology start-ups.

Chris has a MA in Engineering from Cambridge University and an MSc in International Management from London Business School. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a member of the UKBAA and is Chairman of the Hospice Isle of Man.

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Ian Comish

Head of Engineering

Ian is an innovative technologist with a broad range of skills gained through a variety of roles over the last 25 years. 

He has worked in large, small and start-up organisations operating in the finance, defence, telecommunications and eGaming sectors. 

He has a Master of Engineering degree and is has a proven track record for delivering complex technology projects and developing technology strategies.

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Ian Comish
Adam Duke

Adam Duke

Lead Developer

Adam has wide-ranging experience from many diverse fields - from entertainment and e-commerce, to ticketing and machine-learning.

He designed the ‘TT Live’ results timing system for the iconic Isle of Man TT races which delivered timing data to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and featured live audio commentary with real-time subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing users.

With experience in applying AI and machine learning, Adam has also completed several specialisation certifications under

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Nelius de Lange

Lead Developer

Nelius has more than 15 years of experience architecting and creating software solutions as a full stack developer in a variety of industries including logistics, mining, transport, insurance, and telecoms.

He has successfully lead developments teams in agile processes to deliver successful solutions.

In 2016, he relocated to the Isle of Man, where he has worked exclusively in the technology sector.  He joined stacuity in 2022.

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Nelius De Lange
Phil Adcock

Phil Adcock

Strategic Advisor

Experienced technology Founder, CEO and NED.

Phil is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Domicilium Group, a leading datacentre and network provider headquartered on the Isle of Man.

He is Chair of the Isle of Man Digital Agency Board, an Executive Agency within Isle of Man Government's Department for Enterprise, and a graduate of Lancaster University, UK, holding a Ph.D. in computer science.

Phil is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computing Society and a member of the Internet Society and Association of Computing Machinery.

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Real-time visibility and control of IoT connectivity - per customer, per SIM or per data session.

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