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Programmable Network

>  Real-time visibility and control of services - per customer, per SIM or per session / call / event
>  Advanced programmatic control of data routing, to secure IoT and other applications
>  Control services on your own software-defined network

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Revolutionary Network Technology

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Our secure, software-defined connectivity solution combines a revolutionary cloud-centric core architecture with direct signalling integration into underlying partner operators.  It is not a typical connectivity solution or an overlay to a traditional mobile core.

A customer-facing API and service layer gives developers powerful control and visibility over all aspects of the service, whilst an operator-facing integration layer provides global, standards-based coverage. 

At the heart of the platform, Stacuity’s core network uses a modern and scalable microservice architecture, ensuring scalability and flexibility for the most demanding and innovative of applications.

For IoT

Service Providers

Stacuity empowers service customers with full control over data segregation, management and routing, without the cost of and complexity of conventional
PGW deployment.

For IoT


Stacuity's secure, cloud-centric microservice-based architecture enables the creation of innovative services, addressing complex requirements, with no need for prior telecoms experience.

For Mobile Operators

By partnering with Stacuity, mobile operators can enhance their ability to innovate and offer differentiated connectivity services to their customers.

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