News - 17.05.22

Comfone to power Stacuity’s global programmable network for IoT

Stacuity and Comfone announce agreement to super-charge Stacuity’s platform via Comfone’s industry-leading network.

This will enable mobile operators around the world to easily integrate into the Stacuity core network and provide advanced connectivity control capabilities to IoT and enterprise customers and developers.
25 years comfone

Mike Bromwich, Stacuity CEO commented: “Comfone are a first-choice partner for mobile network innovators, and we are delighted to be working with them to launch and scale our global, programmable mobile network for IoT and enterprise applications. Together we will empower mobile operators to differentiate and to unlock new routes to profitable growth.

There is enormous growth potential in the IoT and enterprise connectivity markets. However, there is also significant competition between connectivity providers and steady downward pressure on margins. Mobile operators can secure higher value growth, if they can innovate effectively for their customers – delivering secure and scalable added-value connectivity solutions which meet their customers’ increasingly sophisticated, dynamic and bespoke requirements.

However, real-time flexibility and control has been hard to achieve via traditional mobile networks, where even simple changes for customers can involve long lead times and substantial costs.

In response to this problem, Stacuity has developed a revolutionary programmable core network platform which allows developers and IoT and enterprise customers to operate their own discrete, secure, software-defined mobile networks. So, they can monitor, manage and control connected devices, as flexibly as any other IT asset, without specialist telecom skills.

Derek Moser, Comfone VP Business Development added: “Over our 25 year history we have consistently delivered innovation ourselves and supported the innovation of our partners. Working with Stacuity is the latest example of this and we look forward to our existing and new customers benefiting from the exciting capabilities which will be available.
About Comfone:

Founded in 1997, Comfone has been providing roaming services to mobile operators, MVNOs, MVNEs, OTT web services, IoTs and M2M customers worldwide for 25 years. Comfone offers its customers all required services to establish roaming connections from a unique ecosystem, the Key2roam Platform (IPX, Data and Financial Clearing, Hub, DMS). Privately owned, the company’s headquarters are based in Bern, Switzerland. Its regional offices are in the USA, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company employs around 115 people from more than 40 different nationalities, speaking 32 languages.

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