News - 02.02.23

IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

Iot Solutions World Congress 2023

It's been great to spend time this week at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

Meeting existing and new friends and partners, and generally soaking up what is happening in IoT.

Unsurprisingly, there was a real focus on security this week. This is growing in importance year by year and, given the need to address a wide variety of existing/new IoT use cases, it is also complex. It was interesting to hear about different approaches, at the application, device and network level.

It was also interesting to see some real blockchain use cases on show, relating to supply chain auditing for example. Whilst these examples are not new, they do feel real now, illustrating that there are practical and useful applications for blockchain in IoT.

These are trends we will keep a close eye on.

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