News - 18.04.22

New global programmable mobile network will power innovation in IoT

Stacuity and JT IoT announce partnership to combine Stacuity’s programmable platform with JT IoT’s class-leading connectivity footprint.

This will empower IoT customers and developers with unprecedented control over mobile connectivity, on a global basis.
Mike Bromwich, Stacuity CEO commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with JT IoT to launch Stacuity’s global programmable mobile network. The combination of our leading-edge technology and their strong connectivity footprint will power new waves of innovation and value creation in IoT.

As the IoT market matures and applications become ever more business critical, customers’ needs are becoming more complex. Increasingly, customers seek tight integrations which monitor, react-to and influence connectivity and device behaviour in real time. However, this is hard to achieve via traditional standardised mobile network technology, where even simple changes for customers can involve weeks of delay and substantial project costs.

To address this problem, Stacuity has developed a revolutionary programmable platform. This fulfils the functions of a standard mobile network core but has been designed ‘developer first’. Developers are empowered to exercise powerful real-time and granular control over connectivity. Via Stacuity, customers can operate their own discrete, secure, software-defined mobile networks for IoT. So, connected IoT devices can be managed as flexibly and securely as any other IT asset.

By leveraging their complementary skills and capabilities, Stacuity and JT IoT will bring the benefits of a global programmable mobile network to new and existing IoT customers, around the world. Mobile connectivity will be better tuned to suit more sophisticated use cases and latent value growth potential will be realised.

Graeme Millar, JT IoT CEO added: “As one of the world’s leading IoT connectivity and platform providers JT IoT are delighted to be working with Stacuity to launch their global programmable mobile network and to empower more IoT customers to innovate and grow.
About JT IoT:

JT IoT is a leading global cellular IoT connectivity and carrier neutral IoT platform provider. We help companies connect their devices to accelerate time to market, monetise new services and expand across borders.

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