Core Network

Build more valuable IoT services by taking direct control of mobile connectivity.
Harness the power of our programmable network, using our SIMs or your own.

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Our products:

Gain greater visibility and control of mobile connectivity for IoT, in the way that works best for you.

Programmable SIM

Buy a SIM to test the power of our programmable network, then scale-up seamlessly from development into production.
  • Interact with network events in real-time
  • Create virtual private networks per SIM
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues in real-time
  • Control endpoint configuration in the network
  • Configure data routing according to your specific use case

Programmable Network

By offering our programmable core network-as-a-service, we are bringing cloud-style agility to the control of mobile connectivity.
  • Low cost, low risk route to profitable IoT growth
  • Enables rapid launch of value-added services
  • Enables simple local integrations with public cloud
  • Reduces demands on precious engineering resources
  • Manage regional break-out and optimise routing

Our technology:

Our services for IoT MVNOs, Mobile Operators, individual developers and other customers are all enabled by our revolutionary, cloud-centric technology.

For Developers

Ditch the dumb-pipe! 

Connect IoT and other data devices with a programmable SIM to run services according to your requirements, globally, with no need for prior telecoms experience and with unparalleled flexibility.

  • Full-featured API
  • Start with a single SIM
  • Global coverage
  • Simple pricing

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Take control of connectivity.

Our programmable mobile core network as-a-service will empower you to take control of your connectivity proposition, innovate more easily, defend your margins and accelerate your growth.

  • Real-time control, per SIM
  • Simple portal integration via API
  • Global network with local breakout
  • Bring your own connectivity (option)

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For Mobile Operators

Generate new profits.

Alongside your existing core network, our programmable core will enhance your agility and your ability to create differentiated connectivity services for IoT and enterprise customers.

  • Fully standards compliant
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple IMSIs
  • Better serve customer needs
  • Bring your own connectivity

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Logistics And Tracking IoT Case Study

Use Cases for Programmable IoT Connectivity

Read about real-life use cases where replacing a traditional mobile connectivity solution with a cloud-centric, programmable network benefits IoT MVNOs, Mobile Operators, IoT Solution Providers and IoT Developers.

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# the future of IoT connectivity is here.

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