Programmable mobile core network-as-a-service.
Build more valuable and differentiated IoT connectivity services for your customers.

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Take control of connectivity.

Our programmable mobile core network as-a-service will empower you to take control of your connectivity proposition, innovate more easily, defend your margins and accelerate your growth.

  • Real-time control, per SIM
  • Simple portal integration via API
  • Global network with local breakout
  • Bring your own connectivity (option)

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For Mobile Operators

Generate new profits.

Alongside your existing core network, our programmable core will enhance your agility and your ability to create differentiated connectivity services for IoT and enterprise customers.

  • Fully standards compliant
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple IMSIs
  • Better serve customer needs
  • Bring your own connectivity

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For Developers

Ditch the dumb-pipe! 

Connect IoT and other data devices with a programmable SIM to run services according to your requirements, globally, with no need for prior telecoms experience and with unparalleled flexibility.

  • Full-featured API
  • Start with a single SIM
  • Global coverage
  • Simple pricing

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Key features:


Customers can self-serve private slices of connectivity in real-time, via portal and API.  This makes it easy for them to set-up software-defined, private/secure networks for IoT SIMs.


Customers have complete flexibility to manage device VPNs at the network level, so that even dumb devices can be well protected.


Customers can self-define policies to filter and dynamically route traffic, down to the individual IMSI level if required.


Customers can tightly control the policies which determine how SIMs connect, with access limited to a single trusted IP address, if required.


Endpoint IP addressing and routing are controlled by customers (fixed, pooled or dynamic), simplifying integration, monitoring and management.


Multiple upstream IMSIs can be combined into a single, consistent service, for unified management, routing and control.

#Cost effective

Pay-as-you-grow commercial model, with minimal set-up costs.


Global network supports local breakout and provider agnostic public cloud integration.


White-labelled solution with multi-tenant and hierarchical architecture - easily add new tiers of customers and distributors.


Fully redundant, scalable and secure cloud-centric service.

Why use the our programmable core mobile network?



Provide customers with advanced security features, as value-added services, regardless of their size.



Create a seamless service for downstream customers, across multiple upstream mobile operator profiles.



Scale-up seamlessly, with an attractive pay-as-you-grow commercial model.



Innovate more easily and improve connectivity service differentiation.



Reduce pressure on internal engineering resources.

network architecture:

# the future of IoT connectivity is here.

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