Build, control and secure IoT services on your own slice of the global mobile network.

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Why use a programmable IoT SIM?



Define security policies dynamically, down to an individual SIM level.



Manage endpoint configuration in the network, not on the device.



Scale-up seamlessly, from development into production.



Gain visibility and control over all network activity.



Global data coverage on more than 600 networks.

> For developers:

Our programmable core's secure, cloud-centric microservice-based architecture enables the creation of innovative services, with no need for prior telecoms experience.

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> For IoT MVNOs:

By adopting our programmable core on a white-labelled basis, IoT MVNOs can enhance their connectivity propositions, defend margins and accelerate growth.

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> For mobile operators:

As an adjacent core network, our programmable core can enhance  mobile operators' ability to innovate and differentiate their wholesale and enterprise services.

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network architecture:

Key features:


Enforcing precisely-targeted policies (‘principle of least privilege’).


Move configuration from endpoints into the network, allowing central configuration through software.


Monitoring of behaviour, load, anomalies, failures. Analytics, alerting, troubleshooting. Big (meta-)data, AI, ML.


Controlling roaming, responding to location changes, bearer changes (e.g. 3G/4G), geo-fencing.


Seamlessly interact with endpoints as if they were local devices.


Make changes in real-time, without operator involvement.


Create multiple environments for different applications, customers, trials, experiments, DevOps lifecycle.

/Routing & globalisation

Manage regional break-out, optimize routing, direct-to-cloud, device-to-device, policy routing, SD-WAN-style control.


Innovative charging based on application, payload, location, tokenization/crypto.


Control device activation/suspension.

Democratising mobile

stacuity FUSION programmable network
We are empowering customers with more control of mobile connectivity, so that they can build a  better future with IoT technology.

Why we exist

Watch Mike Bromwich talk about our programmable core mobile network, at the recent TAD SUMMIT 2022.

# the future of IoT connectivity is here.

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