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Programmable SIM
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  • £8 per SIM (excluding VAT).

  • £5 airtime credit included.

  • 4FF plastic SIM card.

  • Coverage in more than 100 countries, on more than 500 mobile networks.

  • Data pricing from £0.01 per MB in the UK, USA and EU.

  • Control via portal and full-featured API.

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So what... possible with a programmable SIM?

Security – enforcing precisely-targeted policies (‘principle of least privilege’).


Manageability – move configuration from endpoints into the network, allowing central configuration through software.


Observability – monitoring of behaviour, load, anomalies, failures. Analytics, alerting, troubleshooting. Big (meta-)data, AI, ML.


Mobility – controlling roaming, responding to location changes, bearer changes (e.g. 3G/4G), geo-fencing.


Integration – seamlessly interact with endpoints as if they were local devices.


Agility – make changes in real-time, without operator involvement.


Environments – create multiple environments for different applications, customers, trials, experiments, DevOps lifecycle.


Routing/globalization – manage regional break-out, optimize routing, direct-to-cloud, device-to-device, policy routing, SD-WAN-style control.


Monetisation - innovative charging based on application, payload, location, tokenization/crypto.


Lifecycle – control device activation/suspension.

Iot Global Ecosytem
A powerful programmable SIM with global coverage.


There are no monthly charges if a SIM is inactive.

If a SIM is active in a month, a monthly charge is applied (which reduces your airtime balance).

This monthly charge reduces, the more SIMs that you have:

  • £1.00 per SIM (excluding VAT) for 1-100 SIMs.

  • £0.80 per SIM (excluding VAT) for 101-1000 SIMs.

  • Want more than 1000 SIMs?  Talk to us.


Interested in a more detailed view of data pricing by country and by network?

Pricing detail

Portal Screenshots May 2023
Advanced controls via portal or API


Our innovative IoT technology stack enables you to interact directly, in real-time, with the global mobile network.

So you can build, test, troubleshoot and scale new services, according to your needs.

Save time, hassle and money.

Take control.


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Democratising mobile

stacuity FUSION programmable network
We are empowering customers with more control of mobile connectivity, so that they can build a  better future with IoT technology.

Why we exist

Watch Founder Mike Bromwich introduce our technology, at TAD SUMMIT 2022.

# the future of IoT connectivity is here.

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